This preacher is
…committed to making the wounded whole!

Pastor WC Honeycutt, Jr. is the visionary and leader of Ebenezer Baptist Church, located in Seneca, South Carolina. Serving as pastor since 2005, his consistent obedience to God is taking the Ebenezer congregation from glory to glory. This multi-talented man of God uses every spiritual gift given to him to spread the gospel. He preaches, teaches, leads, motivates, sings, and directs. Under his leadership, Ebenezer has grown in more than just numbers. There are more than 15 active and thriving ministries.

Additionally, Ebenezer has been favored to complete construction of its educational wing inclusive of 4 classrooms, 1 library, 1 media room housing donated computers, 2 offices, and 1 conference room to name a few of the highlights during his pastorate.

In 2018, Pastor Honeycutt was elected to serve on the City of Seneca City Council. In addition to his civic duties, he currently serves as Vice Moderator of the Seneca River Baptist Association and President of the Congress of Christian Education for Seneca River locally. He continues his work in the Christian community as a member of the Executive Board of the South Carolina E & M Convention where he also serves as a member of the Constitutional Committee. Educationally, Pastor Honeycutt has earned a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from the North Carolina College of Theology and is currently working towards his second degree in Church Administration from Anderson University.

Not only does Pastor Honeycutt have one of the most versatile, dynamic singing voices, but you can’t help but take notice of the unmistakable evidence of the fiery, compassionate, Spirit-filled preacher. However, to this man of priorities, there is no question about which comes first. "I am not a singer who happens to preach," he says. "I am a preacher -- called of God -- who happens to sing." That's why when Pastor Honeycutt sings, he sings with the same power and conviction that mark his preaching. Pastor Honeycutt is committed to fulfilling the great mission of the Church as he empowers people everywhere with the Word. Pastor Honeycutt challenges the Body of Christ to shake off complacency and live as God intended, fruitful and effective in the spirit of excellence. He has a clear sense of purpose and stands true in the face of adversity.

Staying focused on his mission, Pastor Honeycutt profoundly lives by and proclaims the words of Luke, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he hath anointed me to preach the gospel…” St. Luke 4:18 A very outspoken and articulate man of God, the most important thing to this great man of God, is how many souls he saves and how he has impacted the world in winning souls for Christ by evangelizing and steering the lost sheep into the fold of Jesus Christ. In his own words, “My goal is to do the work of the ministry and teach others to know Jesus Christ, grow strong in His Word, find their spiritual gifts, and help equip them to serve the Lord, so we can minister to others in the unity of Christ. With the love of God and a spirit of servitude, my aim is to empower the people of God to follow the call placed on them.” This preacher is “…committed to making the wounded whole!”

Pastor Honeycutt balances his life and ministry as the dedicated husband of Jan Adams-Honeycutt, a gifted woman of God.